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Meiya Tokyo is a Japanese licensed webcam model agency under California Labor Commissioner. We provide supports for webcam models to broadcast across the Japanese internet modeling sites. Unlike other webcam modeling agencies who collect fees for nothing, we provide unique values to our customers.

Reasons you want to work for Japanese sites.

Which sites is better depends on what is your purpose of doing a camming job. Also you may have some concerns on the risk that someone who you know may find out that you work as a cam girl.

Working at Japanese sites is the best option 

・If you put the highest priority on the risk that someone finds out your profession. 

・If you can not work as a full time.

・If you are looking for stable income.

More details is explained at why Japanese sites are better

What we do?

This is exactly what we do.

One in left is Sushi roll that you can not eat in Japan. 

One in right is the Sushi roll that is available in Japan.

Both are Sushi but one in left is localized sushi which rice is outside while Japanese original sushi roll has seaweed outside.

What is the reason behind it?

Western culture does not have any cuisine that use seaweed. The appearance of seaweed was not appealing to Western society. Thus someone came up with the idea of rolling the seaweed inside of the rice. 


Localization for webcamming

When you try to go to work at Japanese webcam sites, you would face the same cultural issue. That's where we can help. 

Our main sites are FC2 live  and DX live which are the best camming sites in Japan. We are the only agency who has the exclusive contract with FC2 live in North America.

Webcam Model Agency